“Precision-Farmers” is a ‘Start-up company’ focused on Design and Development of solutions for enabling Indian farming community to adopt Precision Agriculture at affordable cost.

The team consists of professionals with diverse skill set needed for developing product. Team’s expertise include Electronics Hardware design, Sensors and Actuators, Software Programming, Data Analytics, Mobile Application development, Agriculture Scientists and Experienced farmers

The team realizes the potential and the need for Precision Agriculture in present context where effective utilization of natural resources is of extreme importance without compromising the yield and quality.

Objectives of the team are to provide innovative and cost effective products for farmers to,

  • Improve Yield and Quality of Crops, Vegetables and Fruits cultivated
  • Gradually migrating to ‘Organic Farming’ by avoiding usage of ‘Fertilizers’ and ‘Pesticides’ which have harmful effects on the entire ecological system
  • Achieve Sustainable business model by creating Rural job opportunities

Need of Precision Agriculture in India

    The ‘Green Revolution’ of `1960 enabled county sufficient food to be self-dependent. All this has been possible due to high input application, like increase in fertilization, irrigation, pesticides, increase in cropping intensity and mechanization of agriculture.

    The Indian green revolution of course contributed a lot. However it is also associated with negative ecological or environmental consequences,

    1. Productivity of major crop levels below than expected
    2. Natural Resource Degradation
    3. Excess usage of Pesticides leading to severe health issues

    ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ is vital in the present context. Adoption of ‘Precision Agriculture’ is a step towards sustainable agriculture. Precision Agriculture is the application of technologies and principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production for improving production and environmental quality.

    The most important fact regarding profitability of precision agriculture is that the value comes from the application of the data and not from mere use of the technology!!

    Potential improvements in environmental quality are often cited as a reason for using precision agriculture. Reduced agrochemical use, higher nutrient use efficiencies, increased efficiency of managed inputs and increased production of soils from degradation are potential benefits to ‘Environment’