We offer customized solutions for ‘Open fields’ and ‘Controlled Environments’ which enable farmers achieve higher yield and better quality agricultural produce.

    Precision farmer products with solar panel
    Precision farmer products with temperature and moisture sensors
    Real time moisture data through mobile app
    1. Automation of Controlled Environments

      Monitoring of physical parameters using the automation solution help growers to take appropriate action for providing optimal condition needed by the plant at various growth stages

        Sensors used in the system are,

        • Soil Moisture
        • Humidity
        • Temperature
        • Light
        • Wind speed and direction
        Future enhancements
        • Soil pH/EC
        • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


    1. Solution for Open Fields

      Presently horticulture farms are covered under open fields.

      Solutions offered for Horticulture,

      1. Irrigation scheduling by measuring soil moisture at multiple depth
      2. Nutrition management of Macro and Micro nutrients
      3. Biological Pest and Disease management

      Standard package of practices implemented for selected horticultural and plantations,

      • Grapes
      • Pomegranate
      • Mango
      • Sapota
      • Banana
      • Papaya

    Open field 3
    Open field 4
    Open field 5